Top 10 Coronavirus Podcasts

The latest in COVID-19

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Top 10 Coronavirus Podcasts

In early March, Acast reported that there are now more than 650 podcast episodes hosted on its platform alone about Coronavirus. Those episodes have been downloaded more than 16 million times. A week later Dan Misener counted more than 22,000 episodes with the word “coronavirus” in their title or description.

This global pandemic has caused demand for content about the virus affecting our daily lives. Here are some of the top coronavirus and COVID-19 podcasts to keep you in the know.

  1. Coronavirus Global News
    A daily roundup on the latest coronavirus news and information you need to stay safe and healthy. Brought to you by, this podcast is direct and to the point with the latest headlines.
  2. Epidemic
    Hear from some of the world’s leading infectious disease and public health experts Dr. Celine Gounder and Ron Klain. They’ll help you understand the latest science, the bigger context, and bring you diverse angles — from history and anthropology to politics and economics — depth and texture you won’t get elsewhere.
  3. Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction
    CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses news about the coronavirus. Gupta makes sense of the headlines, speaks with the experts and gives valuable information about the virus.
  4. Viral: Coronavirus
    The world is entering panic mode. COVID19 has spread to more than 50 countries, including the United States. Financial markets are faltering. Governments are scrambling. And every one of us is trying to figure out what to do and how scared to be. This show will walk you through everything you need to know about coronavirus, without the hype and hysteria.
  5. The Coronavirus Podcast
    BBC News brings you the latest on the global coronavirus outbreak, featuring correspondents Fergus Walsh, James Gallagher, and Tulip Mazumdar discussing all things coronavirus in a weekly podcast.
  6. Coronacast
    Coronacast by ABC Radio is a podcast that helps to answer your questions about coronavirus. We break down the latest news and research to help you understand how the world is living through a pandemic.
  7. Coronavirus: What’s REALLY Going On
    This podcast brings you facts you should know about the novel coronavirus. We’ll give you the stories and voices behind the numbers, the opinions and actions, and the concerns and solutions related to the battle against the epidemic.
  8. Coronavirus Global Update
    A podcast on the spread of the coronavirus, with reports from affected areas, details of the latest medical information and the impact on health, business and travel.
  9. Coronavirus: Everything You Need to Know
    The latest on the coronavirus pandemic from the experts at SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio, featuring 24/7 coverage live on SiriusXM channel 110 or on-demand any time on the SiriusXM app.
  10. America Dissected: Coronavirus
    Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, a physician, and former city health commissioner will keep you updated on what you need to know about COVID-19, what led us to this crisis in the first place, and what policies can lead us out.

There are new coronavirus podcasts being launched each week. Stay tuned for more!