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The latest in COVID-19

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FDA Approves Emergency Use of Remdesivir

The FDA approves emergency use of remdesivir, over 4,000 meatpacking workers are infected, and the WHO extends its declaration of a global health emergency.

Federal Government Helps Meat Plants Amid Closures

President Trump declares meat processing plants as critical infrastructure, Mike Pence defies policies to wear a face mask, and more states begin to reopen businesses.

1 Million Americans Infected With Coronavirus

New York outlines a phased reopening plan, all patients are discharged from the USNS Comfort hospital ship, and warns Dr, Deborah Birx the U.S. needs a technological breakthrough for testing.

U.S. Senate Approves $480 Billion Stimulus Bill

The Senate approves a $480 billion stimulus bill, doctors say coronavirus appears to be causing sudden strokes in young adults, and Tyson shuts down its largest pork packing facility.