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The latest in COVID-19

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States To Reopen Nonessential Businesses

A Manhattan ER doctor commits suicide, Texas reopens businesses on May 1st, and the federal government finally agrees to help states increase testing.

Georgia Reopens Nonessential Businesses

Georgia opens nonessential businesses, Trumps signs a $484 billion relief bill, and the Navy recommends reinstating Capt. Brett Crozier after being fired for raising the alarm about an outbreak on board his ship.

1 in 5 New Yorkers May Have Had COVID-19

A new study shows 21% of New Yorkers may have had coronavirus, the House approves a $484 billion relief package, and California reports its deadliest day.

U.S. Senate Approves $480 Billion Stimulus Bill

The Senate approves a $480 billion stimulus bill, doctors say coronavirus appears to be causing sudden strokes in young adults, and Tyson shuts down its largest pork packing facility.

New York Reports Record 237 Deaths In One Day

New York reports 237 deaths in one day, President Trump extends national guidelines until April 30th, and Instacart workers go on strike demanding protective equipment.