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The latest in COVID-19

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U.S. Investigates Laboratory In Wuhan

The U.S. government investigates a laboratory in Wuhan, a new lending program for small businesses runs out of funds, and Japan issues direct impact payments.

WHO Reviews Impact From U.S. Funding Withdrawal

Trump halts funding for the WHO, Airlines reach $25B bailout agreement, and the NYC death toll spikes as unaccounted deaths are added.

China Hoards Masks As CDC Urges Public Wearing

The CDC urges Americans to wear face masks, China hoards global supplies, and Google data shows New Yorkers are doing less social distancing than Italy.

1.5 Billion People Under “Stay At Home” Quarantine

Boris Johnson issues a national stay-at-home order, US President Trump activates the National Guard, and the crisis in Spain has led patients laying on hospital floors.

US President Trump Declares National Emergency

US President Trump has declared a national emergency, major attractions across the world continue to close, and infections in China fall to just eight new reported cases.