Coronavirus Global Cases Surpass 200k

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Coronavirus Global Cases Surpass 200k

Quick Take

  • Global confirmed cases surpass 200,000 and more than 8,000 deaths.
  • The US federal government gives taxpayers a 90-day extension to pay owed income taxes owed for 2019. 
  • Thousands attend “Vive Latino” in Mexico despite coronavirus concerns.
  • Swiss official warns Switzerland’s health care system could collapse if the current rate of spread continues.

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Over the past 24 hours, Italy reported 345 new coronavirus deaths, Spain reported 191, France reported 27, the UK reported 16, and the US reported 14. Globally, there are now more than 200,000 confirmed cases and more than 8,000 deaths.

Swiss Hospitals Face Collapse

In a press conference, Daniel Koch Head of the Swiss Communicable Diseases Division warned that Switzerland’s health care system could collapse by the end of the month if coronavirus keeps spreading at current rates. Swiss authorities estimated that 2,650 people have tested positive for the coronavirus and 19 people have died. Koch said the rapid rise had outrun the state’s ability to record new cases in real-time. 

As cases will likely soar in the weeks ahead, Koch defended Switzerland’s evolving policy to focus testing on people most at risk and those who might need hospitalization, rather than trying to test every person with mild symptoms.

In an attempt to deal with growing numbers of suspected cases, a large blue tent was erected overnight outside the University Hospital of Geneva to screen and test patients. The hospital said it was planning to double its intensive care capacity by adding more beds to existing rooms.

Payment Deadline Extended For US Taxpayers

The US federal government is giving taxpayers a 90-day extension to pay income tax due on up to $1 million in taxes owed for 2019. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said this amount would cover many pass-through entities and small businesses. Corporate filers will get the same length of time to pay amounts due on up to $10 million in taxes owed.

The postponement on payments only applies to federal returns. Americans should double-check their state’s tax deadlines to see if there are any delays. The White House is also backing a stimulus plan that would send checks directly to Americans, though the program would need Congressional approval. 

For the next 14 days, US President Donald Trump is urging Americans to avoid gatherings of 10 or more people, avoid discretionary travel, and for older people and folks with underlying health conditions to stay home.

Mexico Holds Events Despite Concerns

While authorities in major cities have shut their borders, announced major lockdowns and ordered curfews in an effort to stop the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of people gathered in a two-day music concert in Mexico and the country’s top football leagues played to stadiums full fans over the weekend. The Mexican government faced harsh criticism for its lack of response and downplay of the coronavirus. 

Mexico’s health ministry has said there are at least 82 confirmed cases and no deaths, though experts say the real numbers could be much higher as testing has been limited. Health experts also warn that the country is sorely underprepared to cope with the widespread transmission of the disease amid an already severely underfunded and overstretched health system.

Euro 2020 Championship Postponed To 2021

The Euro 2020 soccer Championship that was planned to start in June has been postponed by an entire year to 2021. UEFA, the European soccer’s governing body, relayed the news after an emergency video conference with all 55 of its affiliated national federations and representatives from clubs and leagues.