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The latest in COVID-19

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Japan Distributes Masks To Its 50 Million Households

The U.S. records more than 1,000 deaths in one day, Japan sends face masks to 50 million households, and France uses its high-speed trains to transport patients across the country.

U.S. Projects 240,000 Deaths With Mitigation

The White House projects up to 240,000 coronavirus deaths, a 13-year-old boy in the UK dies from the virus, and Amazon fires an employee who led a protest for protective gear.

U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Surpass China

Coronavirus fatalities in the U.S. surpass China, EasyJet grounds all flights, and Austria requires all residents to wear face masks.

New York Reports Record 237 Deaths In One Day

New York reports 237 deaths in one day, President Trump extends national guidelines until April 30th, and Instacart workers go on strike demanding protective equipment.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus, Apple releases a COVID-19 app, and the USNS Mercy hospital ship docks in Los Angeles.

U.S. Overtakes China In Coronavirus Cases

Italy’s death toll surpasses 8,000, China bans foreigners from entering the country, and the U.S. overtakes China in coronavirus cases.

US Senate To Pass $2 Trillion Stimulus Package

Spain overtakes China in coronavirus deaths, the U.S. Senate passes a $2 trillion stimulus package, and a British diplomat dies after contracting coronavirus.

India’s 1.3 Billion People Under Lockdown For 21 Days

India’s Prime Minister has ordered a 21 day lockdown, the UK will build a massive temporary hospital in east London, and the first teenager has died from coronavirus in Los Angeles.

1.5 Billion People Under “Stay At Home” Quarantine

Boris Johnson issues a national stay-at-home order, US President Trump activates the National Guard, and the crisis in Spain has led patients laying on hospital floors.

California Orders Mandatory “Stay At Home” As U.S. Cases Top 20k

California and Illinois mandate a mandatory “Stay At Home” order, deaths in Italy surpass 4,000, and the UK announces nationwide lockdown measures.