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The latest in COVID-19

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1 in 5 New Yorkers May Have Had COVID-19

A new study shows 21% of New Yorkers may have had coronavirus, the House approves a $484 billion relief package, and California reports its deadliest day.

CDC Director Warns Second Wave Will Be More Difficult

A vaccine expert is ousted for calling out the dangers of hydroxychloroquine, Trump signs an executive order to limit immigration, and the director of the CDC warns of a second coronavirus wave in Fall.

U.S. Senate Approves $480 Billion Stimulus Bill

The Senate approves a $480 billion stimulus bill, doctors say coronavirus appears to be causing sudden strokes in young adults, and Tyson shuts down its largest pork packing facility.

U.S. Crude Oil Prices Go Negative

The price of crude oil drops below $0, the U.S. Senate reaches a deal on a $484 billion relief package, and Oxford University begins vaccine trials this week.

U.S. Investigates Laboratory In Wuhan

The U.S. government investigates a laboratory in Wuhan, a new lending program for small businesses runs out of funds, and Japan issues direct impact payments.

WHO Reviews Impact From U.S. Funding Withdrawal

Trump halts funding for the WHO, Airlines reach $25B bailout agreement, and the NYC death toll spikes as unaccounted deaths are added.

Lockdown Measures Extended Into May

U.S. governors form a consortium to reopen the economy, China reports its highest number of new cases since March, and Italy, France, and Britain extend lockdown measures into May.

Denver Meatpacking Plant Closes After Second Death

Meatpacking facilities shut down as the virus spreads, federal projections show a rise in infections over summer, and France reports dozens of heart incidents linked to hydroxychloroquine.

Black Americans Are Hit Hardest By Coronavirus

Black Americans are more likely to die from coronavirus, New York continues to see staggering fatalities, and UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson begins his third day in intensive care.

China Hoards Masks As CDC Urges Public Wearing

The CDC urges Americans to wear face masks, China hoards global supplies, and Google data shows New Yorkers are doing less social distancing than Italy.